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Pastures of Eden

Pastures of Eden Pastures of Eden Feta is imported from Israel and is OU certified Kosher. It is exclusively imported by ASI and produced under the auspices of the Israel Sheepbreeders Association. This unique Feta is manufactured in advanced dairy facilities owned by T’nuva, Israel’s pre-eminent dairy organization.

A Balkan style Feta, Pastures of Eden Feta is made from 100% pure sheep’s milk and is produced year round in state of the art-facilities.

Pastures of Eden Feta cheese can be used to add a Mediterranean flavor to many different types of dishes. Use it to enhance the flavor of pasta, salads, and pizza, as well as, paninis and omelettes.

Pastures of Eden stands out because of its unique taste, texture, and packaging. In 2004, it was awarded the “Best Taste Award” by the Quality Institute International (American Tasting Institute, American Culinary Institute). Look for the sheep grazing on the Pastures of Eden packages to guarantee that you are buying the best kosher sheep's milk product available in the United States.

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